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Photo of a plentiful fruit basket: Grow Plenty Landscape Contractors, Bay Area, CA


Plenty Productive Landscapes serves the San Francisco Bay Area: Richmond, El Sobrante, Oakland, Berkeley, Albany, El Cerrito, Alameda, San Leandro, Orinda, Moraga, Lafayette, Walnut Creek and Marin County

This month, Asparagus and Artichokes are at their peak, and cherries and plums are ready.

Many navel oranges in coastal climates are just now ripening, and the first strawberries are in.

Most of the summer veggies should be planted this month



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East Bay Garden Landscaping photo

Since 1989, Plenty has specialized in productive landscapes—featuring fruit trees, vines, berries and kitchen gardens.

A licensed contractor, Plenty provides complete landscape design, construction and maintenance services for residential gardens throughout the Bay Area*. We also do consultation and hands-on instruction as well as custom garden calendars and seasonal email reminders. *Richmond, El Sobrante, Oakland, Berkeley, Albany, El Cerrito, Alameda, San Leandro, Orinda, Moraga, Lafayette, Walnut Creek, Marin County and the East Bay.

Plenty emphasizes details that promote the beauty and longevity of your garden:

SPECIALTY LANDSCAPE CARPENTRY: We take pride in building sustainable wood fences, custom gates and arbors. Our products are designed to last at least as long as the tree was old—the essence of sustainability.

PAVING: Our patios and walkways utilize locally-quarried stone as well as brick and pavers. We favor permeable design and materials, with bio-swales for on-site dispersal of rainwater.

RETAINING WALLS: For hillside sites requiring terracing, our dry-laid walls built from natural stone are both durable and beautiful. We also construct walls from treated lumber, block and interlocking concrete.

Photo: Garden landscape designs - strawberry towerGARDEN STAIRS: An economical solution for ease of access, our ‘lagged return’ stairs are always plumb and true, and these stairways can curve to match the natural contours of your site. Or, for a more formal look, we offer wood, concrete or mortared stone stairways.

IRRIGATION: Wise water use not only conserves a valuable resource, it also promotes a healthier, more vibrant garden. Plenty performs design, installation and maintenance services for all types of irrigation systems, employing water-thrifty drip, microspray and rotor technologies. For existing sprinkler systems we conduct irrigation audits, repair and retrofitting, as well installation of ‘smart’ controllers.

CAREFUL PLANT SELECTION: By choosing berries, fruit trees and kitchen gardens suited to your microclimate, you can have a garden that is both beautiful tolook at and joyful to participate in — almost a member of the family. Each year the anticipation grows for ripening oranges in the winter, or sweet, sun-warmed apricots on the Fourth of July. Throughout the seasons, and for decades to come, you can enjoy the Plenty of your own garden.

Photo: landscaping with apple treesRead Plenty owner and landscape designer Mae Clark's great article, Greener than Thou? Seven Steps for a Long-Lived 'Green' Garden for a great overview of Mae's landscaping philosophy and strategy.


" In 1996 the 'yard', so to speak, around our new house in Lafayette was a bare-earth hillside, so steep that we could barely stand up or walk around the area without falling down.  Mae landscaped that wasteland with terraces, rock walls, a uniquely designed redwood fence, and gorgeous plants. Since then, she has occasionally tweaked and titivated (a word I learned from Mae) her design. Her taste, creativity and imagination are consummate. She takes a vested interest in her clients and their properties, and we especially appreciate her focus on native plants, water conservation and knowledge about what plants do best in the heavy clay soil and deer population in this area. Her crew is extremely hard-working and we trust them completely around our house, kids and pets. The fees and expenses for Mae's services have always been very reasonable.  We’re devoted to Mae, and we commend her to you."  - Doug Fowler    

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